Smart security system for
home & business

Safety for the building and everyone inside of it
In our Smart Home, the home stays on guard when you go to sleep at night. In any business or office, it does the same as the last employee leaves. In any case of an intruder, the building will know to activate a four-phase smart alarm system, starting with a smartphone notification. Similarly, when the building detects a water leak, you will be immediately notified via smartphone notification.

Protect Your Loved Ones

Get instant alerts on your smartphone when your home is hit by fire, flood or any other disaster and configure the central automation system to take corrective action instantly.

Protection Against Natural Accidents

Sensors for all-round protection

Quick detection of any natural events like sudden rise in temperature due to fire, or gas leakage or water leakage from any unapproachable area in your home.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Notifies you instantly and within time about the occurring of any natural disaster and helps you prevent any further damage.

Smoke and Temperature Sensing

Some Smoke Sensor also have an additional feature of temperature sensing. Apart from being just a smoke sensor, it is also senses sudden changes in temperature. Sometimes it might be possible that there is not enough smoke sensed to trigger the alarm, but the temperature goes high.
Any rise in temperature above 54 degrees will be detected by the sensor and a threat alert will be raised.

Instant detection and difficult to submerge

The Fibaro Flood sensor has a robust design to sustain any temperature within the range of -10 to +95 degree Celsius. It is capable of handling fast and well as slow floods.Also the entire enclosure is waterproof and so it is difficult for the sensor to submerge and it will float over the water so that it keeps sending signal to the main controller. Any rise in temperature above 54 degrees will be detected by the sensor and a threat alert will be raised.

Configure with other Devices

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor can be configured to work in synchrony with other devices of the Fibaro Ecosystem. The Smoke Sensor can report to the HC2 soon to take action in case of any fire breaks-in.With one touch configuration, you can open blinds, doors, windows, light up the escape pathway and much more.

Be Aware. Anywhere.

Keep a tab on your home, even while you’re away in the office or a vacation. With intelligent CCTV cameras that provide round-the-clock monitoring, staying connected with what matters is easy. The surveillance cameras can be installed standalone or can be configured to secure a covered area. Protect your home from intruders. Keep a tab on visitors. Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere. Get instant notifications on your smartphone and trigger a loud alarm, if someone tries to break into your home.

LIVE HD Streaming and Recording

Instantly stream live videos right to your smartphone to know what is happening within and outside your house.

Intelligent Motion Detection Alerts

Get instant alerts and notifications for any unwanted movement in and around your home premises. Turn on the camera and see it for yourself.

Unlock Your Doors From Anywhere

Remotely control your door locks from anywhere in the world. Give instant access to surprise visitors and your dear ones.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Get instant alerts on your mobile device in case of any security breach. Raise instant alarms and take the necessary corrective action.

Talk to your guests from anywhere

Talk to your guests from anywhere in the world. Ask the delivery boys to drop the parcels and keep away suspicious people.

Burglary protection

Your home or commercial building puts up a strong defense against intruders.
It reliably takes action to scare off any potential intruder by flashing lights and blasting an alarm while also raising the blinds.

Protects the people inside

System also protects against potential dangers like excessive temperature or water.
You will be immediately alerted on your smartphone.
The building can also react with flashing lights and also by raising the blinds to show off a safe route.

Protects the building

The building even protects itself from tasks that you may often forget about.
This could be taking care of windows left open or retracting shading in inclement weather.

Alarm activated

Your alarm will be activated on your demand or automatically based on time of day. A triple-tap on a Touch switch will always ensure the home goes into protection mode.

Phase 1 Silent Alarm

You will get notified on your smartphone as soon as the home detects something. False alarm? Just acknowledge the notification in the app without needing further action.

Phase 2 Audible Alarm

The next step is to attract attention by loudly playing an alarm tone throughout all Music Server zones.

Phase 3 Visual Alarm

The third phase is a visual alarm that will bring attention to your home from the outside. Lights will begin flashing as all the blinds rise up.

Alarm off

You can disarm any alarm on demand and reactivate it again just as easily. When disarmed, the system will not worry about any presence in the building.

Panic button

You can define a specific button to serve as a trigger for an alarm. This alarm will include flashing lights, raising blinds and turning music on full volume.

Damage protection

Early detection of potential dangers like fire or excessive temperature can save the building and the lives inside of it. You will be immediately alerted of any potential danger.

Simple activation

You can easily activate your security system in the app or with a triple-tap on a Touch switch. If an alarm does go off, you can choose further actions in the app too.

Secured shut at night

Your smart home will inform you when a garage door or a window is ever left open after dark. This is done by text-to-speech or right to your smartphone. This function can be applied in any commercial setting too.

Away Mode

When you leave the building along with a single touch of a button, this will put the building in Away Mode. This means the building will go into defense mode while also operating as efficiently as possible.

Presence simulation

While you’re away, your home will know to operate as if you are still there. This means randomly turning on and off lights and moving up and down the blinds. The same can go for any business or commercial property.

Set your alarm zones

You can set up any amount of alarm zones. For example, at night you can choose to only activate the alarm on the ground floor while you can move freely upstairs.

Activate with delay

Your smart alarm system will activate after a short delay time. This gives you enough time so you don’t end up triggering the alarm yourself.

Parental controls

You can choose to lock permission on using devices or appliances like a TV or stove. You can also disable switches so kids or guests can’t mess with the lighting.

Wake up easier

Wondering if everything is fine at home? Have a guest at the door? With the app, you can check on the building and even see live images from your intercom camera.

Prevent false alarms

A second motion sensor must respond within a specific time frame in order to suppress a false alarm and trigger the next phase of alarm.