Engineering Development

We act as a force multiplier for our clients by empowering them to develop advanced engineering and IoT products/platforms tailored to their needs.

Our engineering capabilities comprise  IoT/M2M, computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Moreover, we have proficiency in UI/UX, mobile applications, web development, and digital marketing, enabling us to provide exceptional services to our clients. Furthermore, Hazwar’s capability in IoT data acquisition systems, sensors and communication gateways makes it an ideal partner for organizations focused on the future of technology.

Our range of indigenous development capabilities include:

SDRs for the IoT industry and mesh networks

SDRs for IOT and mesh networks

GNSS receivers for positioning, monitoring, and tracking systems with anti-jamming capabilities

Remote Energy monitoring solutions

SOC based processing systems

SOC based specially designed processing systems, for multiple peripherals/interfaces and diverse connectivity options, with indigenously designed software/firmware.

Computer Vision-based systems and solutions with indigenously developed algorithms

Computer Vision Bases Solutions