Welcome to Hazwar Support Services (HSS)

Since 2014, HSS provides support services for sourcing and provisioning of solutions, systems, products, spare parts and components for government, military, aviation, energy, industrial, and commercial equipment.

We have completed numerous tasks and projects for our valuable customers having requirements in the realms of military, aircraft, maritime, electronics, radars, computers, avionics, instruments, mechanical, and electrical parts. We provide personalized service, and ensure on-time supply of quality products at the best cost. We also provide specialized services for provisioning of parts for obsolete systems, and other hard to find items.

Services We Provide

Aeronautical Applications

Computer Based Training

Training Mockups & Simulators

IOT Smart Solutions

Engineering Support Solutions

IT & Software Solutions

Logistics Chain Management

About Us

Hazwar support services (HSS) was established in 2014, with a passion to serve the high-tech requirements in the field of aerospace, aviation, maritime, and military domain. With advent of rapidly evolving global technological innovations, a need was felt to bring the innovative technologies to Pakistan that can serve as platform for broadening the national technological horizon. We have come a long way and have steadfastly served our customers.

Major Partners

Our partners are already providing support in military components for ships, helicopters and aircrafts. They supply spares and equipment related to mechanic, hydraulic, electric, electronic devices, security and all the day life needs. They can also provide high quality solutions in every field where advanced technology and knowledge are needed fabricate simulation systems as per clients specification.

Our Clients

Pakistan Army

PAC Kamra

Pakistan Air Force

KPK Government