Smart HVAC controls
for any building

Multi-Healthy room climate starts with the help of intelligent HVAC controls.
Imagine a home that maintains your ideal indoor climate around the clock all on its own. How is this possible?
With true automation. The smart home heating and cooling system knows when and how to adjust the temperature and air quality without even needing a thermostat. Residents are free of any thoughts or actions to change the temperature when they leave their house or go to sleep at night – saving money without even trying.

Individual room control that makes sense

For the first time, you can keep a cool 19º in the bedroom with a pleasant 21º in the living room. Or maybe a family member gets cold easily at night, then his or her bedroom can be set to a cozy 23º. As long as your desired temperatures are set, there’s no further action needed on your part and each room will be exactly as you like it.

How does the system learn to adjust itself?
Any building’s heating and cooling system controlled by our system will know when to command any changes based on room specifications that you set. All you have to do is define once if you would like a specific temperature for each room during certain times, like when you are present or absent, and your system takes care of the rest. If your needs change, you can easily reset temperatures right in the app.

Heating & cooling functions beyond typical

Get the most out of these practical functions for the ideal room climate:

IC Radiator

Cooling/Heating according to schedule

Your home intelligently calculates the most efficient way to heat your home with exact levels of heat while you’re home and away. When you are away, it will know that less effort and lower temperature is needed.

Monitor statistics

See how your home or commercial building is performing by checking statistics related to temperature and discover even more potential savings.

App control from anywhere

At any time, anywhere, you can change the temperature right in the app if you wish. For example, maybe you’re going out for a while after work and don’t need the heat running while you’re gone.

IC Piggy Bank

Save up to 20% on energy costs

Beyond HVAC controls, your home even knows how to work with motorized blinds for the most efficient heating & cooling. For example, during the day, the blinds will automatically open so the sun can help heat your rooms.

Schedule your holidays

Your smart home will know how it should operate during all of your holidays. Whether you’ll be home or away, you can let your home know ahead of time for the most efficient control.

Always informed

If something ever goes wrong, the building will notify you immediately. This gives you a chance to react quickly and prevent any possible damages.

Energy Saving Mode while you’re out

When nobody is home, Energy Saving Mode will activate to control temperatures with minimal – if none at all – effort from active hot or cool air. This is especially useful while on vacation.

Protect the building

If for any reason a room temperature leaves its defined protection limits, the building will know to react accordingly to avoid any potential damage.

Experience ultimate comfort

Keep track of ambient temperature across corners and automatically send commands to your central cooling unit to facilitate optimum cooling. Intelligently save energy by automatically turning off AC/cooling system if a window/door is left open for too long.

Smart Climate Control for Perfect Living

Set the right temperature

Turn on your AC minutes before you reach home from a tiring day at office. Monitor the room temperature and set the room temperature based on the climate conditions for optimum energy use.

Smart Control Based on Climate Changes

Turn on home lights in case of dark clouds coming in and reduction in ambient light. In case of rains, turn off garden water sprinklers by sensing the soil moisture.

Smart Learning

The Smart Controller learns your usage patterns based on your daily routines over the course of time and triggers other smart devices/appliances automatically.

Set the perfect home conditions

Make optimum use of energy and set your living room to the perfect temperature you desire. Turn on your living room ACs just minutes before you arrive home at evening and let your home give you a cozy welcome.
Based on the ambient climatic conditions and temperature fluctuations, let your thermostat take smart decisions to keep your in-house at certain levels that best suit your needs.

Learn Usage Patterns

The smart thermostats will learn your energy usage patterns and requirements based on your daily schedules and trigger necessary smart home device as per the need.
This reduces your burden and job of keeping a check on the energy usage and changing the smart settings.