About Us

Hazwar Support Services was established in 2014 with the intent and passion to serve the high-tech requirements in various fields of aerospace, aviation, maritime, and military domains. Not only this, with the rapid evolution of technological advancement, we have come up with training and mockup simulators, computer-based training, Smart Home, and Industrial Solutions along with Engineering Support Solutions to suit each client’s needs and demands.

With the passage of time, HSS has developed a highly skillful team of masterminds to provide you with IT, software, and web solutions for emerging and existing brands and experts in supply chain management.

About Us

HSS has come a long way and has steadfastly served our customers with the help of our technical experts and business professionals who have carried decades of experience, to meet the requirements of future growth and capability enhancement of industries/users in diverse technological realms.


To empower global customers with innovative, advanced & cost-effective technological solutions, and to act as a force multiplier for helping them achieve more through channelizing and convergence of expertise and resources.


To be a leading organization in technical services and engineering by providing our clients with the highest quality, comprehensive services ensuring their increased safety, reliability, and profitability.


Our team – Fostering a genuine interest and shared commitment towards personal and professional growth through management development, training, education and advancement opportunities which supports a high quality work environment.

Customer Success – We play an integral role in creating value in alignment with our customer’s needs. The unwavering commitment defines our product and service quality and determines our future directions.

Integrity – Uncompromising commitment of consistently doing the right thing and making it happen!

Continuous Improvement – We constantly drive to innovate and challenge our imaginations. We hold ourselves accountable to deliver results that are better tomorrow than they are today.